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What is self-managed abortion?

Self‐administered medical abortion as the act of a woman taking mifepristone, or misoprostol, or both, (i.e. inserting the pill(s) in her mouth or vagina), on her own, without the physical supervision of a healthcare provider, during at least one stage of the drug regimen. This can take place with written guidance and after a remote telemedicine appointment over the phone or video call.

Why should we make the measure permanent?

There are countless compelling reasons why someone might choose to self-administer an abortion, even outside of the context of a public health crisis – victims of domestic abuse, women in precarious employment, shift work or on zero hours contracts, may be unable to take the time off work needed for in-clinic consultations. Disabled women are disadvantages by the need to travel as well as those in rural communities. These measures level the playing field in these cases.

As a society, we must trust that people will make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Facts about self-managed abortions

  • Women report finding self-managed abortion with approved medication safe, effective and convenient.
  • Major medical complications have dropped by two thirds
  • Waiting times for abortion has halved and the duration of pregnancy at which abortions occur has reduced from over 8 weeks to under 7 weeks
  • The lower gestational age makes the procedure safer
  • Ensures access to the most vulnerable – women in coercive or abusive relationships, those on low-incomes may be unable to afford travel and childcare costs. Those who live in rural or remote areas may not be able to reach their nearest abortion clinic, which could be many miles away.

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