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How does a medical abortion work and what are the side effects?

Abortions are very safe when performed or assisted by specialists. The World Health Organization says that the risk of death from a safe abortion is lower than death caused by continuing with pregnancy. However, any medical treatment or surgical procedure carries some side effects. Abortion is very safe when performed by specialists in clinics [...]

How does a medical abortion work and what are the side effects?2021-02-08T06:37:35+08:00

Later Abortion

You will see that there is overlap in the different methods that can be used at the different stages of later term abortions. Each woman will discuss her options with her doctor, who will take her medical circumstances into account. Medical induction (induced miscarriage)* When: 13-24 weeks Where: Clinic / Hospital. Up to two [...]

Later Abortion2021-02-08T06:37:03+08:00

Early Abortion

Each stage of pregnancy requires a different method of abortion. When performed  by trained professionals in sterile conditions early procedures are virtually risk-free. Later abortion may involve some risk to the woman’s health. In order to make informed decisions women must be made aware of the possible risks  and complications. New methods of abortion [...]

Early Abortion2021-02-08T06:36:15+08:00

Physical complications and General After-Effects of Abortion

Pregnancy is not without physical risk: carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth can cause complications and subsequent health problems or even death. Even if a woman is in good physical health continuing a pregnancy is more risky than an abortion. Complications after an abortion such as serious bleeding, internal damage to the [...]

Physical complications and General After-Effects of Abortion2021-02-08T06:35:36+08:00

Safe & Unsafe Abortion

Unsafe Abortion Unsafe abortion is performed by untrained people using  dangerous methods, which often fail, in unsterile conditions. Methods used include: herbs or drugs, including alcohol. physical damage e.g. massage, falls. pushing substances into the uterus e.g. soap, bleach. pushing objects into the uterus e.g. a stick, rubber tubing, wire, coat hangers. Women who [...]

Safe & Unsafe Abortion2021-02-08T06:36:20+08:00

Pregnant and considering abortion?

Pregnancy testing If you think you may be pregnant, it is important to find out as soon as possible. The earlier you know, the more options you have. Pregnancy tests are available from: – family planning clinics; – your GP; – any other GP registering for family planning services only; – some Genito-Urinary Medicine [...]

Pregnant and considering abortion?2021-02-08T06:36:25+08:00

Black Lives Matter No Exceptions

Anti-racism protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have spread across the world. Abortion Rights stands in solidarity with the protesters, we stand as they rise up against the racism, injustice, and brutality suffered by George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. The statistics are striking; Police violence is a leading [...]

Black Lives Matter No Exceptions2021-02-08T06:36:29+08:00

Home Use Consultation Guidance

What is self-managed abortion? Self‐administered medical abortion as the act of a woman taking mifepristone, or misoprostol, or both, (i.e. inserting the pill(s) in her mouth or vagina), on her own, without the physical supervision of a healthcare provider, during at least one stage of the drug regimen. This can take place with written [...]

Home Use Consultation Guidance2021-02-08T06:32:57+08:00

How Many Times can a Women have a Medical Abortion in Life?

Medical abortion is a process which involves taking abortion medicines such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol (Cytotec) and ending an unwanted pregnancy up to nine weeks of pregnancy gestation. While women are always advised to have protected sexual intercourse, it can happen that they get accidentally pregnant in uneventful circumstances. Since reaching a safe medication for pregnancy termination [...]

How Many Times can a Women have a Medical Abortion in Life?2020-03-26T08:11:19+08:00

How do Women Feel After an Abortion?

Most women feel relieved after undergoing an abortion procedure while some feel tensed. Research has shown that more than 70% of women feel relieved and stress-free after a an abortion procedure. Pregnancy termination has also happened save some women from going to depression like issues. Safe Abortion Rx team conversed with a few of [...]

How do Women Feel After an Abortion?2020-03-26T08:10:49+08:00

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